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We are certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law. If you are dealing with divorce mediation, annulment, divorce, or child custody and visitation, we can help.

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some common questions we get, such as "How will our property be divided?" If you still have other questions, just contact us. We're glad to help.

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When you’re in the middle of a legal issue, it can seem as if you’re in over your head. Don’t walk that troubled road alone. Contact the Divorce Attorney Sacramento California for qualified advice on your issues.

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With three decades of experience, the Divorce Attorney Sacramento California is the firm to trust for expert family law representation. We understand your frustration with legal entanglements with the financial and emotional implications of your family situation. The outcome of a divorce or separation can have an incredibly profound effect upon the lives of all those involved.

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  • We deliver quick and efficient actions.
  • We listen to your problems.
  • We are compassionate and nonjudgmental.
  • We are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.
  • We give more detailed information than you'll get from other divorce lawyers.
  • There is free parking for clients.
  • Credit cards are accepted.
  • We offer various convenient payment options.

Our Sacramento Divorce Attorney Specialties

Our law firm specializes in many facets of family law, including the following:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal and child support
  • Adoptions
  • Guardianship
  • Other issues

Practice Areas Can Provide Extra Help

Our experienced attorneys represent clients in all aspects of divorce proceedings, including the sale or division of the family home, the split-up of assets and debts, and the division or buyout of retirement plans.

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If you are facing a complicated divorce or custody battle and need the assistance of a divorce attorney in Sacramento, give us a call to discuss the particulars of your case. Let our practical experience and extensive knowledge of family law go to work for you.

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